Health Benefits of Eating Seasonal Fruits Plum

Fresh plums contain different amounts of vitamins, minerals, and calories, but plums have more calories, fiber, and carbohydrates than fresh plums.

Plums contain antioxidant polyphenols that may reduce inflammation and lower the risk of several chronic diseases.

Due to the fiber and sorbitol in plum juice, it may help ease constipation.

Plums are a healthy source of fiber and lower levels of adiponectin, which may help control blood sugar levels.

Plums may reduce the risk of osteoporosis by preventing or reversing bone loss, which may benefit bone health.

It is also believed that plums may help promote heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

The versatility of plums makes them a delicious addition to your diet and they can be prepared in deliciously different ways.

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