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11 Health Benefits of Eating Banana - K-Health

11 Health Benefits of Eating Banana

banana helps to prevents anaemia in man and women who eat it daily, because of its rich iron content

banana protects the kidneys' health of a perosn who eat banana daily, because of the potassium content

Banana boost brain power of person who eat it daily, due to high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid in it

bananas contains a compound called carotenoid, which helps to improve eye vision. Eating bananas improves eye vision.

osteoporosisBananas promote bone health due to their high calcium content, and prevent form ostoporesis

Bananas help in quitting smoking due to vitamin C, B6, B12, A1, potassium, and magnesium, advise to eat banan daily

Banana improves bowl moments due to its being rich in fibre and helping you have easy bowel movements

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